Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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Carla Hughes Was Framed - Flyer 3/10/15

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Carla Hughes Was Framed In the State Of Mississippi

Carla Hughes Was Framed!

 Carla Hughes is a former public school teacher with a Master's degree in education. Carla was framed, tried and convicted of capital murder in the death of Avis Banks and her unborn child. 

Carla is a victim of Dr. Steven Hayne's testimony. Dr. Hayne was the subject of "The Innocence Project's Formal Records Request to Determine how much Hayne used state labs for Autopsy Misconduct."  Click Here For Innocence Project Press Release .  

Carla was represented by an experienced Tobacco Litigation attorney who appears to have had expertise in civil law, not capital murder.  

While Carla's family paid dearly for her legal representation, they are currently in need of assistance to provide expert legal services for her. 

Carla desperately needs a private investigator and a seasoned criminal attorney. Please donate to the Carla Hughes Legal Defense Fund. 

Please Assist Carla!!